I'm Page the designer and maker behind Nebula Creations Co. 
Influenced by the love of creating, with paper, as my medium, I design and construct a variety of mobiles, wearable paper art, and wall art creations.  All designs are hand drawn before being converted to be precisely cut by a laser beam, then layered and constructed.  Themes entwine throughout my work are whimsical, enchanting, wanderlust, nautical, dreamy, and all heavily inspired by nature.  All designs are made and constructed in my studio located the Tampa Bay area.

I couldn’t be more happier to make these creations for you! I first start with an idea, then comes the planning, drawing, converting cutting files, sizing, picking materials and color schemes, cutting, assembling, next holding my breath, and possibly starting from the drawing board again, then finally... seeing what started as just an idea, come to life.  The process exhilarating and can be very timely, so please bare with me if you are wanting a custom piece. If you have an idea already or would like something from my previous works, please feel to contact me. Thanks for visiting!

Please stay and take a look around! Also, check back often as I’m always changing thing around and adding new creations!